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Merosmith Tile and Flooring came about as a merger between two smaller, yet already successful flooring installation companies. With this merger, founding members Dale Mero and Shawn Smith set forth to create a new company based on a business model that would be different from most others in the tile and flooring industry.

The basis if this new business model was to take note of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the two existing organizations and use the strengths of each other to create a whole that would be stronger than either individual was on their own.

Shawn Smith is a rarity. He is one of the few people that one will come across that completed a proper apprenticeship program as a Tile Mechanic. Starting out mixing concrete in a wheel barrow with a shovel and beating tile into dry mortar some 30 years ago, Shawn has done practically everything from kitchen backsplashes to heavy commercial projects in shopping malls and casinos. From running a bathroom renovation to a fast food restaurant to running the tile portion of a high rise condo construction project, there is very little that Shawn has not seen.

For Dale Mero, tile has been the family business. Setting his first foot on a construction site in 1991, Dale spent his younger years working with a number of older journeyman tile installers to learn different approaches and techniques before combining a little bit from each to create his own. Mixing this with an extensive knowledge of modern materials and keeping current with the latest in the industry, Dale is the adaptable one. If there is a newer and possibly an alternative way to Shawn’s tried and true old school way, Dale has it.

It would be this pooling of knowledge and resources that would lead to the ability to take on larger projects and the more effective execution of smaller ones. The merging of crews would increase the availability of competent manpower and allow for the focus of that manpower where it would be most needed. Already high quality levels would meet or exceed customer expectations to be second to none, and all of this would be backed by extensive product knowledge and exceptional customer service.

“It is not for me, as the installer, to tell people what they can or can’t have. As the customer, you pick out whatever you like. It is for me, as the installer, to make it happen.” – Shawn Smith

Extensive knowledge and experience, quality workmanship, and customer service: It is for these reasons that so many of our residential customers are friends and relatives of other customers. It is for this reason that so many of our customers are customers for life.

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Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

I received a business card from a friend at work who had their bathroom renovated by Merosmith Tile and Flooring. They were very pleased with the quality of work and suggested I use them to tile my kitchen floor. Compared to another quote I got this one was roughly the same but I was told the job would be done in half the time. In 4 days they managed to rip-out my old vinyl floor in my kitchen and 2 bathrooms, and install some beautiful tile.

My wife and I were so satisfied with the work done we had to call Merosmith back a month after I thought all the renovations were done. My wife saw a kitchen backsplash in a magazine that she just had to have, and again, they did a fantastic job.


Merosmith was recommended to me by a third party. I needed a job done fast and well. I made an appointment with Dale and 3 days later he was at my house to remove old tiling from my kitchen backsplash and installed a new one. The job was completed in 2 days. It was above and beyond my expectation. I highly recommend Merosmith to anybody who would accept nothing less than a perfect job. Now I have a brand new kitchen I love to show off, but I am showing off a perfect tile work.

Liz Vanderelst

Someone in my neighbourhood had recommended Merosmith, as they had previously had work done by them. I met with Dale and was immediately impressed. He is knowledgeable and listened to what we wanted done to the shower. I had other installers look at the job, and they were more interested in finishing it the way they typically did their installations. Very pleased with the quality of the finished product and won’t be calling anyone else for future tile work.


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